Pumpkin Patch

Walking another 100 yards down the trail brings me to a place that’s well-known to Hudson regulars. It’s a duplex on Broad Street that backs up on the trail, with a large “Beware of Dog” sign facing the trail and a collection of trash and abandoned cars.  But something has changed in the last 3 months. It looks like a new tenant may have moved in. The dog in its shack is still there growling, but the back lot has been cleaned up and a large vegetable garden is thriving up against the back fence that separates the lot from the town owned trail. Big improvement!

But that’s the end of the good news. The owner has apparently decided that a 20 x 30 foot garden isn’t enough, and has built a 2nd vegetable garden entirely on the trail ROW, on town property. It’s about 8 x 25 feet and is mostly pumpkins.

Adding insult to injury, the plot is ringed with steel rebar rods for fence posts and drapped with yellow ‘no-trespassing’ police tape. The sharp steel rods are just 18 inches from the edge of the trail pavement and a huge safety hazard for both walkers and bicyclists.

The 2 grandchildren that wobbled by on their tricycles, with their grandparents trailing behind, makes the point.

(Follow up)
Three days later, the town sent 2 employees out to the trail to check on the situation. They met the landlord, who confirmed it was a new tenant who put up the stakes and the police tape. It turns out that the state had already been informed and had mailed an order to vacate the encroachment by November 1st. This part of the ARRT is a 99-year lease by the MBTA to Hudson, which is why the state got involved.

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Tom Kelleher is the president of the Assabet River Rail Trail 501(3)(c) non-profit and a 25-year resident of Acton MA.
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