ARRT Caboose

Past the High Bridge, the trail starts bending eastward, running down the length of Vila do Porto park. The name reflects the large Portuguese influence back when Hudson was a big mill town.  The community is still big to this day.

I’m now passing the ARRT caboose. It’s an authentic 1921 Boston & Maine RR caboose that was donated to Hudson by the owners of the Edaville Railroad in South Carver, MA. But sometimes free stuff comes with a price. You don’t want to know what it cost to truck a 25-ton object 68 miles!

The caboose is town property but was restored and still maintained by the ARRT volunteers. Most people notice the lantern that lights up at sunset, a red, green and blue sentinel on the side the trail and also visible from Route-62.  The lantern is powered by a solar-electric panel on the roof of the cab. The light had been dark for almost a year, when the power converter failed and the lantern was vandalized. But this past May, the light was repaired and in June the converter upgraded. It’s been back working ever since.

About AssabetRiverRailTrail

Tom Kelleher is the president of the Assabet River Rail Trail 501(3)(c) non-profit and a 25-year resident of Acton MA.
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