Caouette-Simeone Farm

On October 17th the Caouette-Simeone Conservation Restriction committee presented to the Acton Board of Selectmen the final draft of the conservation restriction for the Caouette property.

This was the first town committee I’ve ever been appointed to and probably the last! We had our first public meeting in April and 14 meetings later, finished the 16 page conservation restriction and map. It was 8 pages describing what the farm could be used for, now and in perpetuity. And 8 pages to describe what was going to be forbidden.

The ARRT came out of this process in pretty good shape. First, we will be permitted to relocate the last 100 yards of the trail, over to the Calouette property in South Acton. This will potentialy save over a 1/2 million dollars from the original design. This informal map shows how the rerouting might look in 2016.

About AssabetRiverRailTrail

Tom Kelleher is the president of the Assabet River Rail Trail 501(3)(c) non-profit and a 25-year resident of Acton MA.
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