Hot Hot Hot!

So here I am at 5:00 PM Friday, sitting in my car in the humid 93 degree heat, counting bicycles. I must be crazy! Even Chennai India is 9 degrees cooler.

RiteAidThree times a year, the state coordinates bike trail counts. The summer count is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 4-6. I decided to cover Friday evening, with the other ARRT volunteers  taking Saturday.

We had skipped the last 3 counts, as the RT-85 construction project had the ARRT crossing all torn up. The trail is mostly returned to normal now.

RT-85/Washington Street is our favorite spot, meeting the three census requirements of (1) lots of parking, (2) a Duncan Donuts  100 feet north and (3) last but not least, more traffic than anywhere else on the trail! We get everything; bikes, baby carriages, joggers, walkers, skateboards and even roller skaters. Considering the heat, the 15-20 users per hour was decent.

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